Our Main Goal is to CONNECT each one through FOOD and together we can build a Sustainable Future.


The nutrition value of a single Orange in 1950s is now equivalent to 20 Oranges to get the same nutrition.

In this Digital age, everything is served FAST and mostly are processed in a microwavable packaging full of preservatives to extend shelf-life and nutrition is not as good as the fresher ones.



When a Mother is eating Quality Food, they’re also developing good cells for each LIFE they bring out to the world, and each one of us can contribute for the betterment of our society and drive sustainable future, together.

We empower Home Cooked Meals that can be offered anywhere around the world, especially if you have commissary kitchens in different parts of the world, or simply a person who loves to bake, we welcome your products here in AgriSibol.

Sellers inside our platform ensures the freshness of each order you purchase.

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